Easy Chocolate Haystack Cookies

These Chocolate Haystack Cookies are quick & easy no-bake cookies. A fun addition to your holiday cookie tray, you can make these the traditional, or with a more adult twist - flavoring them with liqueur!

YOU WILL NEED: Rolled Oats Coconut Sugar Milk or Cream liqueur*   Butter Cocoa Powder Salt Vanilla extract * See the linked post for more details on customizing this recipe - whether with liqueur, or not!

In a large bowl, combine oats and coconut, set aside.

Combine sugar, milk (or liqueur), butter, cocoa powder, & salt in a medium saucepan. Boil for 2 minutes.

Remove from heat. If you're not using liqueur, stir the vanilla in to the chocolate mixture.

Pour hot mixture over coconut and oats, stir to coat everything evenly.

Drop by rounded tablespoon or cookie scoop onto prepared pans, allow to cool fully.

Cookies will harden & set up as they cool. Enjoy!