How to Roast a Stuffed Turkey

When Thanksgiving is looming, do you stress out about roasting a turkey? Never fear, here's a quick overview of what you need to know to roast a stuffed turkey! Note: Temperatures, times, and weights are available in the linked post.

YOU WILL NEED 1 Fresh Turkey, "extras" removed* Stuffing of choice Butter Salt Seasonings of choice ** * See linked post for details on safely thawing a frozen turkey, if needed, as well as preparing a turkey for roasting. ** See linked post for suggestions.

Prepare your pan - add your choice of aromatics and some water or broth. Set a roasting rack on top, then place your turkey.

Gently stuff turkey dressing into the cavity of the bird. You want it filled nicely, but not packed into a solid mass.

Pour melted butter over the top of the turkey, coating all exposed skin. Season with salt, pepper, & any other seasonings that you want to use.

Place the prepared turkey in your oven. Set your timer for a little less than the shortest amount of time indicated for your size of turkey, in the linked post.

Once you hit the early side of your cooking window, insert meat thermometer into the thickest part of thigh, then into the center of stuffing.

You want the turkey meat to reach at LEAST 165 F, and the stuffing to reach 165. Expect 175-180 in the thigh, 170 in the breast, 165 in the stuffing.