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A martini glass with a candied cocktail rim, against a black background.
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Candied Rims for Cocktails

If you’re ever looking to up your home bartending game, Candied Rims for Cocktails is a fun, tasty way to do so!
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Beverage
Author: Marie Porter
Cost: $5


Martini Cocktail Glass
2 Plates


  • Hard Candies
  • Corn Syrup


  • Crush your candies. I like to use a mortar and pestle, but there are many ways to do this – food processor, rolling pin, hammer, etc.
    You will want any chunks to be relatively small, or they’ll just fall off.
    Alternatively, you can crush the candies down to a powder, for a less chunky look.
  • Once candies are crushed, spread them out on one of the plates – you’ll want to use them fairly soon – moisture in the air will make the crushed candies sticky.
  • Pour a small amount of corn syrup onto the second plate. carefully twirl the very edge of a martini glass in the corn syrup, until the edge is coated the entire way around the rim.
  • Hold the glass above the plate and allow any excess corn syrup to drip off of the glass. Take your time – extra syrup will run down the side of your glass, not hold the candy securely to the rim!
  • Twirl the edge of the rim through crushed candies, gently pressing down to secure.
  • Fill glass with cocktail of your choice. Enjoy!