Brandied Apple Upside Down Cake

This Brandied Apple Upside Down Cake recipe is elegant, tasty, and super easy to make. A festive fall cake that’s perfect for your Thanksgiving table! (Non-alcoholic variations are also an option, see the linked post for more details!)

YOU WILL NEED: Fresh Apples Apple Brandy Cake Flour Granulated Sugar Brown Sugar Unsalted Butter Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix Large Eggs Ground Cinnamon Baking Powder Salt

Before making the cake batter, prepare your cake pan as described in the linked recipe. Once the pan is ready, make your quick caramel sauce.

Cut your apple slices, pour the caramel sauce in the prepared pan, and arrange your apple slices on top.

Using the linked recipe, make your easy brandied apple cake batter.

Carefully pour your batter over the apple slices.

Bake your apple upside down cake, then use a sharp knife to level it if you'd like.

Place your serving place face down over the cake pan, then carefully invert it, freeing the apple upside down cake from the pan.  Serve and enjoy!

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