Chewy Black Forest Cookies

This Chewy Black Forest Cookies recipe is a perennial favourite.  These chocolate cherry cookies are pretty, tasty, easy to make, and great for holiday entertaining & Christmas cookie trays!

YOU WILL NEED: All-Purpose Flour Granulated Sugar Brown Sugar Cocoa Powder Maraschino Cherries White Chocolate Chips Unsalted Butter Large Eggs Pure Vanilla Extract* Baking Soda Salt * Feel free to substitute almond extract, maraschino cherry liqueur, or kirsch.

Cream together sugars and softened butter. Add eggs and vanilla, beat until smooth.

Combine dry ingredients, add to the butter mixture.  Beat until fully incorporated.

Stir in chopped cherries. Scoop or roll dough into balls, and place on cookie sheets. Flatten slightly.

Bake cookies as directed in the linked recipe.

Melt white chocolate chips.  Use a spoon or pastry bag to drizzle melted chocolate over the cookies, allow chocolate to cool and set completely