Piroshki / Pyrizhky

Bacon Sauerkraut Buns

Pyrizhky, Piroshki, Pirozhki, Sauerkraut balls - whatever you know them as - these soft little buns filled with bacon and sauerkraut are SUPER addictive! They were a Christmas tradition when I was growing up, though present - and enthusiastically welcomed! - at other holiday gatherings as well!

YOU WILL NEED: All-Purpose Flour Bacon Saurkraut Fresh Onion Sour Cream Vegetable Oil Large Eggs Granulated Sugar Yeast Salt & Pepper

Mix dough ingredients, knead - by hand or with a mixer - until smooth and elastic. Cover, allow to rise 1 hour.

Cook bacon & onions until bacon is almost cooked. Add sauerkraut pan, cook as directed. Season with salt and pepper.

Divide dough into 40 equal portions. I’ll divide in 4, then each of those in half, then divide each of those pieces into 5 balls.

Follow the directions in the linked post to form each dough ball into a stuffed sauerkraut bun.

Arrange piroshki on baking sheets, loosely cover with plastic wrap, and allow to rise another hour.

Remove plastic wrap from cookie sheets, bake until golden.  Remove from oven and brush liberally with melted butter.

Great served hot, fresh out of the oven, cold, or even reheated... IF they last that long.   Enjoy!