Southern Comfort Pecan Pie

My Southern Comfort Pecan Pie is easy to make, absolutely delicious, and a fun take on tradition. Serve it with Southern Comfort infused whipped cream, perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner!

YOU WILL NEED:       1 Pie crust Pecans Southern Comfort Corn syrup Brown sugar Granulated sugar Unsalted Butter Large eggs Cornstarch Salt

Line your pie pan with your prepared pie crust of choice, chill until ready to use.

In a dry pan, toast chopped pecans until fragrant. Add Southern Comfort, cook until absorbed.

Whisk together the filling ingredients. Add the cooled pecans, pour into the prepared pie crust.

 Bake pie, placing foil loosely over it at the 30 minute mark - this will help prevent it from burning.

Allow pecan pie to cool to room temperature before serving. Keep refrigerated after cooling.  Enjoy!