The BEST Maple Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

You’ve probably had classic cinnamon rolls, but have you tried my Maple Walnut Pumpkin Cinnamon rolls?  A fun, flavourful deviation from tradition, a perfect pumpkin recipe for the fall season!

YOU WILL NEED: All-Purpose Flour Pumpkin Puree Brown Sugar Maple Syrup Chopped Walnuts Powdered Sugar White Sugar Unsalted Butter Active Dry Yeast Vanilla Extract Ground Cinnamon Ground Ginger Ground Cloves Ground Nutmeg Salt 

Following the linked recipe, make your pumpkin dough. This process starts out with warming yeast in water, and ends with a beautiful smooth dough just a few minutes later - super easy!

After letting the dough rise, press it out into a rectangle.

Brush the dough with butter and maple syrup. Mix your brown sugar and spices, sprinkle that mixture over the buttered dough. Finally, top it with chopped walnuts.

Roll it up tightly, then cut into equal rounds.

Put them in a pan for another quick rise, then bake!

As your maple pumpkin buns are baking, whisk together your easy maple glaze.

Drizzle the maple glaze over warm pumpkin rolls, and enjoy!

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